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Why We Are Giving Full Support To Calabar Carnival....Lai Muhammed

  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_CREATIVITY.jpgThe Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has
described the Calabar Carnival as a veritable platform for job
creation and the promotion of creativity among Nigerians.

The Minister made the remarks in Calabar, Cross River State, on
Saturday during the tour of some carnival bands ahead of Sunday's
flag-off the Third Dry Run of the 2017 Calabar Carnival.

He said the Carnival has grown beyond being a mere street procession
and dancing to a venture that is positively impacting on the economy
and the unity of the country.

"What we have seen today is an industry that is making use of the
abundant talents of Nigerians not just in dancing but even in
manufacturing and creativity. We have seen the shoes that they are
going to wear, they are made in Nigeria - the design and materials. So
Calabar Carnival provides that platform to give vent to your creative
energy," he said.

Alhaji Mohammed highlighted the critical role of the themes of each
band, which include "Climate Change", "Bush Burning" and
"Environmental Degradation", describing the themes as topical issues
in the global discourse on the ecosystem.

He expressed delight that the Calabar Carnival has keyed into the
vision of President Muhammadu Buhari towards promoting locally-made
products in order to make the country self-reliant economically.

"The President said until Nigeria produces what it consumes and grows
what it eats, it cannot be economically independent... This is a very
good example of made-in-Nigeria both in terms of materials, in terms
of the labour force and creativity. So I am really very fulfilled
coming here because I see how much the carnival is contributing not
just to the economy but to bringing individuals to self-reliance," he

The Minister used the occasion to commend the band managers, whom he
described as patriots who are actually not driven by profit but by the
passion and commitment to grow the nation's economy.

He also appealed to the private sector to show more interest in the
Calabar Carnival because of its huge impact on the economy.

Alhaji Mohammed visited the Freedom and Seagull Bands and inspected
their costume-making factories, which employ a lot of people in
shoe-making, tailoring, weaving and knitting, among others.

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