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'MARRIAGE FOR ME IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS'......Screen Diva, Bimbo Akintola

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Bimbo Akintola is one of the most versatile characters in Nollywood. The easy-going University of Ibadan Theatre Arts graduate’s passion for acting grew and became effortless with time.


Her first movie experience was ‘Owo Blow’ which won her a role in an English movie titled ‘Out of Bounds’ for which she was awarded the Best Actress/English Actress in Nigeria. The ageless movie queen  shared her love and life experience, including her spirited role in an upcoming movie on Ebola titled ’93 Days’. Enjoy…


What’s your style like?


I love dressing nice and tightly. It’s what makes me happy at the point in time. If it’s tight, fantastic. Because I want it so hot, I tend to do tee shirt or jacket and stuffs like that. But, honestly, for me, I don’t really have a particular style.  I wear whatever makes me happy.


Are you the dress-to-kill type?


No no. I don’t dress to kill.  Anyway, I just love to dress to my taste and to make me happy. You know, you dress in a certain way, you are happy the way you look, you dress in a way that boosts your confidence, you are good to face anything.  That’s all.


You still have the looks of a 20- year-old, what’s the magic?


That’s because my age is really not that far from the 20s…general laughter… I feel like a 16-year old all day.


What’s life like generally?


Well, I’m managing life, I’m working, I’m doing jobs that bring happiness to me. So I’m having a great time.


Share your challenges to stardom.


One of the greatest challenges that you face as an actor is the fact that you are recognizable to a lot of people and you have to answer people at all points in time. So, it doesn’t matter what feelings you are having, you just have to put on a happy face at all time. And that can be difficult sometimes but we manage it.


How do you escape men who want beyond business from you?


I simply tell them to go away and live their lives. I’ve got no time for them. See, I’m not the type of lady that you can call on the phone and I will come and meet you or send a message on the Facebook or other social media platforms and I will come and meet you. I don’t do it. I explain to people that it’s not done, it’s ridiculous and it’s not allowed. I don’t do it, except you want to jump in front of my car (laughs), you are not going to catch me to tell me nonsense.


What inspired you into acting?


In my secondary school, I realized what I wanted to do in my life and since then, I’ve been doing it. Honestly, I’ve had a nice career when it comes to acting. The first thing I did was for Lola Fani-Kayode. That was the beginning of my life as an actor, my first experience in front of the camera. From that job, Niyi Wuraola called me to meet Tade Ogidan and I did ‘Owo Blow’. From ‘Owo Blow’, they called me to do “Out of Bounds”; from then I’ve never had to do auditioning, I’ve always been called to do this and that. Career wise, it’s been nice.


So, acting was your childhood dream?


I went to the University of Ibadan to read Theatre Arts. Like I have said, I realized acting was what I wanted to do in my life from secondary school and here I am.


How often do you change your wardrobe?


The one thing you can be certain about is that, I love black. I wear a lot of black, apart from that everything else is about how happy I am with whatever style I’m wearing. I can see a shirt and once I love it; that is it.


What are your favourite fashion items?


I do like Makoko brands. Well, I’m not really a designer person. I’m more of  ‘I see it I like it I buy it’ person. And if it’s a designer, great.


What’s your favourite city within Nigeria?


Apart from Lagos, it would have to be Jos. Yes, Jos because the city is picturesque.  Jos town is beautiful. I love the mountains and the hills.


Do you keep pets?


No, I don’t keep pets. I’m scared of dogs, cats and anything that walks and crawls that’s not human.


Who’s your movie icon?


Oh, I love Joke Silva. She’s my all in all. She’s a mother, an amazing mother, an amazing wife, an amazing actor. That ‘s why she’s my icon.


What’s The Item You Can’t Live A Day Without?


That would be my lay balm. I always have lay balm on me.


What’s your role in the coming movie on Ebola ‘93 days’?


I’m playing Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. And people say I look so much like her. I got into costumes in the hospital, they did my face, did the hair and I walked downstairs to use the bathroom. The nurses were in shock, they said I looked so much like her. I wanted to cry.


What lessons are there to learn in the movie?


The first lesson is about sacrifice. There are people out there who would sacrifice everything for you whether they know you or not. And such a person was Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. She sacrificed her life for Nigeria and all others who died for us. Some lost their lives and some are still there today. Watching the movie, you will learn about courage, in the face of war, you will learn about sacrifice and you will also learn about humanity.


You don’t appear in every movie these days?


Yes, that is correct. If it’s fame, I have achieved that.  What I want with that is to be able to affect lives. I don’t just appear in films now, I want to do films that will make a change. If you watched my last few films they’ve all been about things that have been important to me. I do a lot of films about women and their position in Nigeria, the girl child and I think it’s important that you believe in something and you fight for something.


What’s your take on women’s liberation?


I believe in freedom for women, and we are getting there.  We are not there yet, let’s be truthful, but we will get there because a lot of people are having the understanding more and more that women are not trying to take the position of men; that is not necessary but we are also trying to contribute to the development of Nigeria. And we have so much to give.


Are you thinking of marriage anytime soon?


People always ask of marriage, and I want to say it’s none of your business.


So, are you presently in love?


Yes, I’m in love, I’m in love with life. I’m in love with Nigeria and I’m in love with people of Nigeria.


What is your advice for younger ones who look up to you?


They should go school, go to school. You cannot be another person but you can be the best you. That is possible. So, my first advice is, if you believe that you have a talent, go to school and study, go to school with your raw talent and be refined.


Is Nollywood moving ahead?


Yes, very well. Look, don’t compare us with anybody anywhere, let us stand as who we are and what we are and take our own steps, make our own mistakes and become what we will. And don’t forget we are a reflection of Nigeria.


What’s your best food?

You’ll catch me eating pasta everyday, though I’m from Ibadan and I’m supposed to love amala and gbegiri (general laughter)

Folorunsho Hamsat {Global Excellence]

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