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How My Alias 'Omititi' Became Household Name.... Lagos Assembly Mmeber, Hon Olayiwola Olawale

  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_OMITITI.JPGHon. Olayiwola Olawale  fondly known as Omititi has endeared himself into mindset of many in Mushin area of Lagos State, presently representing Mushin Constituency 11 in the Lagos State House of Assembly. The Former Special Adviser to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed revealed in this interview how the Assembly is working with the executive to curb the recent robbery incidents in the Lagos State and why he was able to become a household name in his Constituency. Excerpts   

. What are some of the experiences you gathered during the electioneering process that culminated into your victory?

. It wasnt easy at all because 15 of us were jostling for a sole ticket during the Primaries. We thank God I won, but after that it was time for the main one which was the main election. It was basically between me, the PDP Candidate and the Accord Party Candidate. The PDP candidate was not that rooted in Mushin Politics but for Accord Party, the experience we learnt during the Representative election which saw their candidate win made us to re-strategize our plans. Again, when the PDP began their own ethnicity and religious politics, we were taking aback because it was strange to us in Lagos as a whole. For me, I have been in it for long, hence I was not really bothered, what I did was to rigorously campaign and dialogue with my people.

. What really worked for you? Knowing that others also campaign and did the necessaries during the electioneering.

  My foray into politics in the early years was well utilized. I made sure during the time, I was a Personal Assistant to Former Commissioner for Transport, Dr Muiz Banire and later Special Assistant to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. That shows the experience was there. I reached out to the people of my constituency in terms of empowerment and employment. I even gave some computers to empower them. The Political will i took to that Primaries really worked for me, my political name, Omititi, has been registered in their mind and I have always made myself available anytime they need me. I grew up and resides in Mushin, I know their problems and plights, so they were not hesitant in giving the mandate to me because they believed I know them more than any other contestant in the race.

 What was going through you mind when the Accord Party Candidate in the House of Rep., Hon Kako Are defeated APC in his election a week before the Assembly own?

 Truly it sent jittery into our spine, but as an active politician, I knew he has his own limitations. I was fully on ground in my own constituency. I was also sure, the Accord can never win in the Assembly because our Party has really done well for people there and I believed the electorates will pay us back and they did.

 What are some of the experiences you have garnered over the months as a member of LAHA?

 Some of the experiences so far, have to do with the handling of House Leadership. The situation was handled maturedly. The kind of machinery our Leaders in the Party put in place to make sure it went smooth did the job well. Since Hon. Mudashiru Obasa emerged Speaker of the House, there hasn't been any rancour, that tells you our party has really matured and the kind of members we have understand how everything works. On a personal level, I now see that my golden fish has no hidden place in my constituency. I am always noticeable everywhere I go and they will want you to satisfy them irrespective of the situation you are. But I understand, they knew right from time I have always be with them, do the little I can to assist when the need arises. By and large, the experiences have been good because I derive joy in serving my people. I am sure by the time we finish our four year term my people would have benefited a lot from my service.

 What is the kind of relationship that exist between the Executive and the Legislative Arms at the moment?

. It has been very cordial. We have been playing that assistant role to the Executives. In the last few months, we have been calling the attention of the Executive to lots of things in performing our oversight functions and they have reacted swiftly to the situations.

. Are you not foreseeing any grumbling as regards sharing of committee chairmen in the House as we are experiencing at Federal?

 Not at all, the Speaker has the privilege to select whoever he believes can serve best in each committee based on the profession of the person. So definitely, that is the way it will go and I am certain everybody will be well pleased at the end. We have awyers, Accountants, Educationist and so on, members will be fixed accordingly.

 How has the relationship been with the PDP members in the House?

. Fantastic. The crop of PDP members we have, are very cooperative since we assumed office. They have been working in harmony in the best interest of the State because that is why all of us are

What are some of the things you intended doing for your people besides legislating

 Legislating is our primary assignment but besides that, in the las few months, i have organized football competition in my constituency to keep young ones who are talented away from the street during their holiday period and develop our grassroot football . Idle mind is also devil's workshop, it afford them to keep busy and away from evils. It was quite interesting, both the winner and the loser were rewarded handsomely.I gave out over 200 free GCE Forms as well as Coaching classes and career talk were organized for youths. All these were done to improve on development of education in my Constituency. Financial Assistance were also given to some members in the constituency and also we assisted some to get employment.

 Do you think you can sustain it

 By God grace it will be sustained , because that will make people know am a man of my word and a man of integrity. For close to 13years now have been running free computer tranings for them, i  even go out of my way to private companies to get them jobs, have been doing this for long.

 What has been the support the House has been given to the executive in tackling the menace of crime in the state 

ANS We should give kudos to the House because we have not been allowing the executive to rest on this robbery cases even though they have also been very active, the Governorn has engaged all the neccessary agencies including the Police to make sure it curbs all these excesses. We discussed it on the Floor and liased with the executive , thats why the government is buying three helicopters now to strenghten security in the state. 

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