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  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_ADEOLA_YAYI.jpgFollowing the superlative endorsement of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for a second term in office based on widely acclaimed performance by Senator Solomon Adeola (APC, Lagos West) and the entire constituents of Lagos West, the attention of the office of Senator Adeola aka Yayi has been drawn to some misguided social media traducers to the effect that Senator Adeola has abandoned his ongoing consultations and aspiration to run for governorship of Ogun State come 2019.

The spin doctors of those perpetually in fear of the wide acceptance of Senator Adeola across Ogun state for Ogun 2019 was hinged on various banners, placards and T-shirts agitation by satisfied constituents of Yayi at the endorsement of Ambode for Second term programme, that they desire his continuity as a senator having meritoriously served them in various capacities till date.

The presence of Senator Adeola at the occasion was misrepresented as having returned to Lagos as if he ever left his constituents in the first place. Nothing could be further from the truth of a situation that shows Yayi as a true representative that will never abandon his constituents while pursuing his constitutional and legal aspiration anywhere in Nigeria.

For the records of well meaning and enlightened Nigerians, Senator Adeola holds the mandate of the Lagos West Senatorial District as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria till June 2019. He will continue to effectively represent Lagos West in the Red Chambers and in all matters relating to Lagos West and Lagos State. It was in his dutiful representation of the largest Senatorial District in Nigeria that he had to be in one accord with his political leaders and constituents to give a merited endorsement for Governor Ambode.

And for his satisfied constituents, it is within their rights to use the occasion of the endorsement to show his continuing acceptability as a representatives and “earnestly yearning for continuity” for Yayi in Lagos West against any “wanna be” interloper. More importantly it is also the right of the Senator’s people back in Ogun state to “earnestly yearn for his return home as the most acceptable aspirant” to assist in delivery of dividends of democracy come 2019 as he has done and is doing in Lagos State.

In all these Senator Adeola is holding wide consultations in Lagos and Ogun State to determine the best way to serve the people in any capacity that the people and God wants him to serve. These consultations will not however lead him to abandon his primary constituents as some people would want or should lead to an erroneous conclusion that he has “returned to Lagos”.

For those looking for all avenues to exclude Senator Adeola from Ogun 2019 race at all cost, let it be on record all options are open for considerations as wide consultations continues before official  declaration and electoral campaigns for Senator Adeola. But all such options will not compromise his effective representation that he is noted for in Lagos West till 2019 as dutifully demonstrated in the endorsement of Governor Ambode for Second term by Lagos West.


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