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Primate Ayodele Set To Build 8,000-Seater INRI Mega Church ! …Drops New Prophecies, Speaks On Apostle Suleman

  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_PPRIMATE.jpgFamous prophet and founder/spiritual head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, in this interview, shares his new visions about Nigeria and the world, his fulfilled prophecies and, essentially on the challenges facing men of God and the Church in Nigeria. Excerpt…


You released some prophecies a while ago about the state of the nation. Would you say that these warnings are justified with the way things are now?

No one is happy that things are not the way they are supposed to be. But we had a mission from God to deliver to people and that is just what we have done and still doing. God showed us and we told Nigerians ahead about fire outbreaks at the airport and markets, the fall of Naira to American Dollar, the high cost of foodstuffs, the unstable economy, the return of terrorists especially Boko Haram, the unstable electricity, the senate and presidency crisis, and some others; these are coming to pass one after the other. About two years ago, we warned Nigerians about the health of President Buhari and that he would go for surgery abroad.


Talking of President Buhari’s health, what do you foresee now in this regard concerning his government?

Buhari still needs prayer for his health, Nigeria too needs prayer a lot. What God is still telling us is that President Buhari does not have the grip of his government. Those who surround him are in charge and I foresee that they will betray him, though he means well for Nigeria. We warned the government in the past that it was not easy fighting corruption and that corruption would fight back, it is happening now and Nigerians have still not seen anything because corruption is going to fight back very seriously than we are seeing now. And they will use corruption against some politicians as revenge and try to cow some of them towards the coming general elections.


What have you seen exactly?

What I have seen is that corruption is going to fight back in bigger ways because Buhari’s government has been defeated by corruption, though partially. God says that Buhari is fighting corruption the wrong way. The results Buhari’s government is expecting from the corruption fight it will not get because the government has missed it from the beginning. Except the procedure is changed the Buhari government can’t win the corruption fight because the government of Buhari is already corrupt. And the people who are with him are controlling corruption.


The EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, has been doing a lot lately, do you foresee him being confirmed as substantive head?

I have not seen Magu confirmed as the legal chairman of EFCC. But God told me that he will continue in his present acting capacity and he will continue to perform. And something is going to happen in the EFCC soon. Nigerians should watch. It is few people that want Magu to be chairman and Magu must be careful so that he will not be used and dumped. Despite his performance, he will not be rewarded as expected.


Please, share what you have seen lately about Nigeria and the world.

God is saying that Nigerian government under Buhari must not toy with the Biafra agitation otherwise it will explode in our face. I see the Biafran youths getting more dangerous with their struggle, so this is beyond the issue of playing the Igbo with the 2019 presidency. Igbo will not be president in 2019 and even 2023 in Nigeria. I’m seeing a referendum in nearest future. I see the international community fighting the Buhari government, despite their pretense that they love him. Already, I see them ganging up against Buhari but he is not aware of it. Nigerians will start seen it from 2018. I see democracy breaking up Nigeria in 2043. Nigerians should take this serious. I see constitutional amendments coming up. The government’s Treasury Single Account policy will be aborted. I see government succeeding in giving local governments autonomy but I see crisis, as this will be the beginning of Nigeria’s separation. The power tussle that this move will create will start a crisis. Nigeria must not try state police because I see a lawmaker presenting the Bill, otherwise the country is finished. I see Nigeria’s foundation shaking. The crisis in the senate will take a new turn before 2019, what we are seeing now is the part one of it. Part two is coming before 2019. I see a mega party. PDP and APC are going to break. Those who are now moving to APC are going there to destroy it. I see some APC governors wanting to pull out to another political party and also in PDP I see some governors wanting to pull out. I see Ali Modu-Sheriff winning the Supreme Court case if PDP is not careful enough. I see a lot of people coming out to contest the 2019 presidency in Nigeria. But Buhari’s second term is dicey. We said it in the past. President Buhari must not stretch his health or else he may slump. He needs to take care of his health and his family need to pray for him very well. Buhari should be wary of people who surround him; they are pushing him against the command of his health. I see the Aso Rock cabal stretching him beyond his capacity. And this could be dangerous. Let Buhari takes some rest and allow Osinbajo to handle the country’s affairs. Senators and governors are going to gang up against Buhari. By 2018, Buhari will realize that he doesn’t have genuine people around him. They will push him to take wrong steps. In ‘Warnings To The Nations’ on page 120, we said there will air strike in Syria, which happened recently. And on page 130, we said that a new management will be inaugurated in CAF.


Do you see the judiciary helping out since others will gang up against the president?

That is why I said that Buhari has missed it. If you want to fight corruption, you should not make the judiciary your number one enemy. Buhari started the fight with the judiciary. He has taken a wrong step. The welfare of the judiciary should be paramount. It is the judiciary that will help Buhari to fight corruption but he started the war with the judiciary which is good but he should have reorganized the judiciary’s welfare package well. That is the Word of God. Buhari’s government must find an alternative to the rising Dollar otherwise Nigerian economy will keep fluctuating. I see the Dollar defeating the Naira eventually unless we find an alternative to the Dollar. I see reform in the NNPC and the CBN. I see petroleum scarcity, kerosene scarcity and diesel scarcity from September this year. NUPENG will go on strike. I see politicians protecting Tompolo against arrest by the federal government. I see James Ibori making a difference in the Niger Delta in the nearest future. I see renewed bombings in the Niger Delta. Let’s pray against fire outbreak in any of our airports and seaports. I foresee new seaports in the country and refineries. Our refineries will break down. Let us also pray against fire outbreak in any of our refineries. Nigerian government will find a new deal on electricity which will not serve us properly except the government takes the right steps. Buhari will change service chiefs. I see jail break. I see Boko Haram launching a major attack and I see Abuja as target. So, government must be very vigilant. Not all state houses of assembly will finish their term. Edo State assembly speaker will face trouble. Edo State governor will face political gang-ups. I see Edo State governor and his deputy fighting. APC governors’ forum in the North will break. APC governors’ forum in the Southwest will have crisis. I see famine, recession is not over yet. Nigeria is not ripe for agricultural export. Let Buhari make use of his VP; let him tap into his brainpower. Let’s pray against bloodbath and unrest in Nigeria. I see MTN, GLO, Airtel running into big crises. They may face litigations and pay huge amount of money. Dangote should pray for his companies against fire. Dangote should pray for his life. I see Dangote going into telecoms business. Nigerian government’s website will be hacked. America and Russia’s matter will cause unrest in the world but there will be no third world war, yet there will be no peace in the world.


I see more documents implicating the Trump government over the election that brought him into office. They will expose more things about Trump’s government. I see American protesting against Trump’s government and it will affect the Blacks. I see America breaking up and I see Britain going back to EU. Buying weapons from America will cause Nigeria a lot. I see political crisis in Cameroun because the country wants to break up. Cameroonian president, Paul Biya, will not be allowed to have another term in office.  Ghanaian president must not start fighting corruption; else it will crash his government.  I see Ghana running into recession. I see Ghanaian president escaping assassination. I see a governor in Nigeria escaping assassination and accident. There will be an attempt on American president, Trump’s life. Americans will kick against more of Trump’s policies. There will be more divisions in American Congress. I see terrorist attack in America, also Britain, Germany, China and France. I see train mishap in Spain and Nigeria. India will break up in 40 years. Let’s pray against earthquake in Nigeria. Let’s pray against a major plane crash that will shake the world. I see mutiny in the Nigerian Army. I see deaths in the Nigeria Police. I see a new police commissioner in Lagos State, I see a new CP in Oyo State and new CP in Edo State and new CP in Rivers State. I see death of a high ranking police officer. I see crisis in banks, Fidelity Bank, Diamond Bank and Ecobank. I see a new management taking over Keystone Bank.


You hosted the less privileged during the Easter celebration, tell us about it.

It is an everyday thing. We don’t wait for the celebration time to care for the poor. This Easter, we empowered widows, children and the aged. And we visited prisons and hospitals. We gave clothes to the needy and we give building materials to the less privileged that are building houses and we give bursary to students. We are also in the process of building our mega church extension that will sit 8,000 worshippers. We have acquired the vast land close to our Oke Afa headquarters. The construction will commence in July. It is going to be a computerized worship centre that will also house our cable TV channel. We are collaborating with another TV channel for effective operations. It is the Lord’s doing. We are also building a church and mosque in Badagry that we call ‘mediation centre’. It is a place for the unity and harmony between Christians and Muslims. The world is full of crises, we are aware of this fact and we are doing our best to ensuring peace among religions. The Sultan of Sokoto has been making efforts to harmonize religions in Nigeria. We are bringing the Sultan of Sokoto and a credible Christian leader to dedicate both the mosque and the church respectively. The centre will be dedicated to the federal government.


What is the budget for the proposed mega church like?

Laughs… let’s not talk about budget. But we have given the job to certified engineers who are experts in church building and designing to handle.


Lately, there have been issues and scandals confronting men of God. For instance, a fellow pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has been in the centre of an issue with a lady. Do you have anything to say about this?

Let me start from Apostle Suleman because he is a man that I know. Apostle Suleman, as I know him, is a very generous man, open and straightforward. And he is fearless. See, there are two things; when you are fearless and you are too good, the devil will ask God to give it a chance to tempt you. A good man is not a friend of the devil, so the devil will look for a way to deal with a good man because he is inconveniencing the devil. In Apostle Suleman’s case, devil is at work. But take it, God will never allow the devil to bring down His Kingdom. He can only allow it to tempt His anointed, like it happened in the time of our Lord, Christ Jesus. I’m sure God will vindicate Apostle Suleman. What I have found out is that Apostle Suleman’s case is partly political but largely spiritual; spiritual in the sense that, here is a man who loves to trouble the devil, binding and casting out evils. He is a popular man. How many pastors in Nigeria today are doing what he is doing around the world? He is a vocal voice. He troubles the demons a lot. He is an ambassador representing Nigeria across the world. Naturally, the devil would want to fight back. I see this case as the devil fighting back but it can never win this battle. It has never won. The plot is to mess up men of God but nobody can bring down an anointed man of God. Suleman is a true man of God. He stands tall. I would only advise Apostle Suleman to be more in spirit as this issue is meant to cause him distractions. He should stand above it and withdraw from court and leave the matter for God. This is time for forgiveness, he should forgive them. In all, we will all die and give account of our stewardship.


What do you think should be the role of CAN in this?

Forget CAN. CAN has lost focus since the days of Ayo Oritsejafor. I’m not a CAN member. CAN is messed up. The other day when the government said that churches should be rendering their accounts, what did CAN do? The new CAN leadership I’m still watching before I make further comments

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