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  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_ADEDOYIN1.jpgThe spate of antagonistic gesture being displayed against the greatness and goodness of Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, by Dr. Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin, founder and president of Oduduwa Universiy, Ile Ife, Osun State, may at the long run degenerate to hurt the acclaimed educationist going by spiritual power attached to the throne of Ooni seat if he did not desist.  Many have described the malicious campaigns of calumny Dr Ramon has been mounting on Ojaja 11, as a sacrilege that should not be associated with any Oduduwa born soul. 

Information revealed that Dr Ramon has started his shrewded attitude from the  one of the demise of the immediate past Ooni Of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, in July, 2015 which opened  intense jostling for the possible next successor to Sijuade. The billionaire businessman, Dr. Adedoyin, who was among the over 60 candidates from different ruling houses, angling for the exalted  title, as the paramount ruler of Ile Ife, the cradle of Yorubaland. In the course of the succession tussle, many under-currents and sharp practices were said to have come to play by the candidates who presented themselves for the plum post. Principal and most ambitious among them was and is still, Dr. Ramon Adedoyin; even when there were crystal clear evidences that by virtue of his maternal genealogy, he did not readily qualify to contest the Obaship of Ile Ife, except some magic happens we gathered.

 This we learnt made  Adedoyin going for the broke, as he was hell-bent on becoming the next Ooni of Ife, despite all the odds against him; thus his discomfiture and get-it-all-costs approach to the succession race. But stark reality dawned on him when the 16 official kingmakers pruned down the ruling houses to present the next Ooni-elect to Giesi Family, which of course, Adedoyin does not belong to. It was indeed a big blow to the highly-ambitious Adedoyin, who had hitherto been bragging about town with the false claim and belief that, come what may, and either by fair or foul means, he will get the slot, banking on his stupendous riches and wide connections among the High Chiefs, especially now late High Chief Omisakin, the Obalufe, who was then the de facto head of the kingmakers. Unknown to many, Adedoyin, who knew fully-well the role Omisakin would play in the final selection of who becomes the next of Ooni, has been secretly warming himself to the heart of Omisakin, by splashing sundry gifts of substantial cash gifts and other essentials on the High Chief, with a stealthy move to influence other High Chiefs to arbitrarily favour him, as the next Ooni in the final analysis.b_600_400_16777215_00_images_ADEDOYINN.jpg

 Even with the Giesi Family, that the king makers eventually picked to present the next Ooni-elect, Adedoyin was still not moved, because he believed he could turn back the hand of the clock, with his sinister buying over of Omisakin and his cohorts among the High Chiefs, who Adedoyin was also waiting in the wings to buy over when the time comes for the real game. But no sooner than the hand of the clock changed, when Prince Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi was eventually selected as the next possible successor to the late Oba Sijuade, Adedoyin’s adrenalin was allegedly said to have risen abnormally, pronto, he began an intense series of campaign of calumny to discredit and disparage the youthful Monarch, who the Ifa Oracle had traditionally picked, courtesy of the kingmakers, who had all jointly sworn to an oath, not to alter the choice of the Ifa Oracle. Since then, Adedoyin has repeatedly smeared the person of Enitan, before and even after Enitan was eventually installed the Ooni of Ife, sometime in December, 2015, by the Executive Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in the full glare of those who matter in the traditional, political and government circles. As it were, there have been many instances and incontrovertible facts to allegedly show Adedoyin’s resentment to the choice of Enitan Ogunwusi as the Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Ojaja 11. Thus, since the Ooni’s ascension to the throne, Adedoyin has stopped at nothing to launch vile attacks and derogatory remarks on the person of Oba Ogunwusi and his impropriety to occupy the plum throne. Till date, Adedoyin is allegedly believed to have spent, and is still spending tons of Naira, to make real his campaign of calumny against the unusually calm and people’s king, Enitan Adeyeye, who is not miffed at Adedoyin’s evil machinations, which have always come to naught. Even at that, the unrepentant Adedoyin still remains adamant, wallowing in self-discontentment. Worse still was the case of High Chief Omisakin, who was allegedly believed to have received many largesse from Adedoyin in the run down to the selection of the next Ooni, to make good his dream; sadly enough, the High Chief Omisakin died even before the new Ooni was officially installed. It was mythically believed that the Ifa Oracle vented its spleen on him (Omisakin), over a possible betrayal, after joining other kingmakers in the oath-taking exercise that was carried out before the selection. 

Meanwhile, over time, still not done, the who has been accused in many quarters to have strted his University fradulently, is believed to have allegedly sponsored many campaigns to run down the image and personality of the widely-accepted Oba Enitan Ogunwusi. Recently, a popular Ewi exponent in the South West, popularly known as Ologundudu, was said to have allegedly gone on air serially on the sponsorship of Adedoyin to castigate and disparage the person of Oba Ogunwusi, using many vile and unprintable adjectives to describe the Ojaja 11, saying the Ooni was not fit to wear the coveted crown, and that he (Enitan) is a land grabber, visa racketeer, fraudster, a man of unquestionable character etc.; but it just only took the sensible to discern where all these missiles were coming from and who they were being directed at, and were quickly dismissed by a wave of the hand, as they saw the broadcast as the architect of a disgruntled element, carried out by a misguided and hungry folk in person of a hitherto admired on-air-personality. Some are even wondering whether Ologundudu was in his right senses to have accepted such a dangerous hatchet man’s job from an obviously sinking man, at the expense of his flourishing career. They queried: How much could his traducer of a boss have paid him to embark on such a satanic journey. Other poignant instances in Adedoyin’s alleged indiscriminate vendetta of a campaign against the Ooni, were his stupid remarks when at an occasion, the Ooni had a warm and friendly handshake with the billionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola. Adedoyin was allegedly said to have dismissed and kicked against the gesture from the Ooni to have gone down so low as to have a handshake with someone without royal blood in his veins, claiming that by that singular gesture, the Ooni had desecrated and decimated the revered stool, adding that the Ooni had belittled the position of Ooni of Ife. The always visibly embittered Adedoyin, is also alleged to be the sponsor of and masquerade behind most of the campaigns of calumny and chastisements of the Ooni of Ife on the social media, to the extent that many do not even need to shudder to know who is beating the drums of discord and fanning the embers of disunity in his native hometown. He his accused of paying heavily for intense hate speeches against the amiable Ooni by the educated but morally bankrupt Adedoyin. . According to High Chief Adekola Adeyeye, the Lowa Adimula of Ile-Ife, who was the traditional aide-de camp ,(ADC), to the last but one Ooni of Ife, Oba Sijuade for 14 years, and the present second-in-command to His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, in an extracted telephone interview with a popular online medium, ‘Adedoyin is just like a helpless lone ranger shouting in the wilderness; and despite all his ranting, pull-him-down antics, baseless and unfounded assertions in the social media and other organs of communication, to discredit the Alaiyeluwa, HIM Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni’s credibility and eligibility to the throne have continued to wax stronger, and attract worldwide acceptance, and not about to wane, for any reason without any iota of doubt, not even Adedoyin’s tantrums and annihilations. The genesis of Ramon Adedoyin’s deep-seated animosity for the status quo stemmed from the very first day Oba Sijuade went to join his ancestors. First and foremost, he has never hidden his insatiable thirst for the Ooni’s throne, even before Oba Sijuade passed on in 2015, shortly after which he falsely claimed that Oba Sijuade had proclaimed him his successor while still alive. Shamelessly enough for him, barely a day after the demise of Oba Sijuade, the non-remorseful Adedoyin called me and said he was to be the next Ooni, and that the kingmakers should not change the wish of Sijuade; and I specifically told him that it was impossible; and that in Yorubaland, and in Ile-Ife in particular, a king does not appoint or impose his successor. After this, he went on with his plan B, saying that he was ready to give all the kingmakers five million naira each if they could assent to his wish to become the next Ooni. Again, I told him that the Ooni stool was not for sale, that he would be wasting his money if he went about giving any body money to any body for whatever selfish reason. To boot, he still went ahead to increase the amount to N50 million each, with an addition of a car each to all the 16 kingmakers. Still, I told him to go to blazes with his money. I told him point blank that, apart from the fact that he naturally did not hail from the Giesi family, he was not the one the Ifa oracle picked, and more so, he is not a son in kinship in his ruling house, as he stemmed from his grandmother to mother; in other words, he has no legitimate right to the kingship.b_600_400_16777215_00_images_A_OONI.jpg

But still, Adedoyin will not stop in his blind aspiration to the Ooni stool; he still went about employing many un-procedural and crooked means to achieve his ulterior aim, most of which we in the council were privy to, and were ready to circumvent him at all costs through our transparency and fairness of purpose. At this juncture, when we saw the tacit desperation, we the 16 kingmakers, determined to do a clean job, resolved to swear to an oath, that anyone who went against the wish of the oracle will have himself to blame, and will not live to see the next Ooni crowned on the throne. Perhaps, this was what happened to High Chief Omisakin, who had a very chummy relationship with the desperado Adedoyin. Again, in the course of the heated succession tussle, the Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, summoned all of us the 16 kingmakers to his office for a meeting in the presence of a handful of top government functionaries like the Attorney General, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy affairs and so on, where we were told against our pre-conception that the governor had a candidate; but we were amazed to hear from His Excellency, that he didn’t want to hear of any problem arising from the succession to the throne, that everything should go smoothly as the tradition prescribes, without any of the candidates cutting corners. This averment by the governor actually emboldened most of us kingmakers and we were determined to do a thorough job, no matter whose ox was gored. According to the Lowa Adimula Ife,'Ramon Adedoyin is only crying wolf where there is none; and besides, traditionally in Yorubaland, anyone who contested for a vacant throne and lost, should leave the town as soon as a substantial king is installed, but Adedoyin still remained in town, fomenting trouble and using his stupendous wealth to disrupt the peace of the town, and he is yet to abate, causing ripples everywhere and throwing tantrums at every perceived person who obstructed his crooked way to the throne. Never in the history of the town has anyone so brazenly and vehemently attacked the choice of the Gods and the people. There was even a time he was attacking me on the social media using very vindictive language on me because I rejected his overtures. Anyway, I have already told my family that if anything should happen to me, Adedoyin should be held responsible, because one cannot know really the next thing on the game plan of somebody with the kind of Adedoyin’s ultra-high  desperation that knows no bounds. One wonders why Dr. Ramon Adedoyin has been so vexatious about the whole thing; he is simply so inordinately ambitious, and the high time he realized this, the better. Ascension to any kingship throne is not by proxy, force or demand; it is by divine authority, and Adedoyin had better retrace his steps and stop all his vindictive, calumnious and uncivilized ways of trying to get what may never reach his hand, except if providence and God decree it. If he doesn’t know how to spend the stupendous money at his disposal, he should look in the direction of the less privileged in the society, especially in his native town Ile Ife, or by sponsoring indigent students via scholarship in his privately-owned Oduduwa University in his same town'.

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