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Ladipo warns detractors to stay away from Supporters Club

  • Written by Yusuf Adeoye
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b_600_400_16777215_00_images_APG.jpgRafiu Ladipo, President-General, Nigeria Football Supporters Club ( NFSC ), on Thursday said that detractors should stay away from the club because it would remain an indivisible entity during his lifetime.

Ladipo made the assertion in an interview while speaking about efforts to unify the supporters club this year.

He said that the club was open to everyone, but that things must be done according to the laws guiding the club, adding that the present administration of the club would ensure unity.

“Nigeria Football Supporters Club will remain indivisible and I want all detractors to please stay away. We have rules guiding the club and those disgruntled elements should toe the line of the constitution.“I want to say that supporters club is a registered entity with a valid constitution, so our actions are guided by the law. We don’t just wake up to change rules.

“It is disturbing and laughable for a group of people that are suspended for going against the rules and provisions of the club to form a splinter group.

“What do these people know about the supporters club? Unfortunately they are new members not for more than five years, yet, they want to usurp authority,’’ he said.

Ladipo said that the club formed about 62 years ago remained a legacy that must not be allowed to be disjointed because of those agitating for positions not meant for them.

“Those agitating in the supporters club said they want leadership position and they want it by all means, that is not what leadership is all about. I have demonstrated what leadership is.

“I will not sit back and watch what we have laboured for in the past 62 years to be rubbished; we sweat for this club, energy and time not to talk about financial obligations.

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